Timbered houses – healthy, ecological, and economical! Building timbered houses in Norvegia!

Cosy and economical houses – faster and cheaper!

We offer a competitive price because our company applies the vertical integration in its activities, i.e. designing, manufacturing, and installation phases. The vertical integration is cost-efficient and resource-saving!

You dream about a cosy, economical and warm home? We can turn these dreams into reality.

The EkoMedis team designs, manufactures, installs and builds frame-panel houses. A panel house is a perfect solution for those who are looking for an eco-friendly, warm and fast to build house. Whether it is winter or summer, we can build a panel house within a month, and its price is so attractive that you will be able to buy your own house even with an average income.

Our goal is to fulfil your dreams of your own home.

The EkoMedis activity includes designing, manufacturing, assembling and building frame-panel houses. Our business story began over 14 years ago. At that time brick houses were popular in Lithuania. However, we were fascinated by log houses! We understood that Lithuanians have to try the Scandinavian way of life. Thus we began building log houses. The demand started growing, our experience as well. Finally, we saw that the future belongs to the fast-to-build panel houses that are popular in the West. For this reason, seven years ago we began to design, manufacture, and build frame-panel houses alongside with the log houses. The EkoMedis team is not big. Currently we have 13 employees. The company employs only qualified specialists, who have many years of experience in manufacturing and assembling wooden houses. We do not engage in mass construction, so we can focus on each customer individually and fulfil their orders.

Our clients

Our clients are natural persons, companies, and organizations. We are engaged in manufacturing panel houses, roof trusses and glued laminated timber houses. By using modern CNC machine Hundegger Speed Cut3, the opportunities are unlimited. Our production is very diverse: frame-panel houses, saunas, garden houses, garages, woodsheds, pantries, awnings, and all other wooden structures.

Videos of our works

Gallery of our works and projects